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Hand controllers of Oculus Quest 2​ don't work properly

A topic by sissyboy_femdom created Dec 28, 2021 Views: 651 Replies: 6
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Hello !
Is it possible to play game on PC without hand controllers , only with mouse and keyboard ? In one episod goddess request take a pose with hands on the floor which i couldn't do with mouse and keyboard. 

I have Oculus Quest 2 and hand controllers don't work properly.  Camera always moving in one direction when I try to use it.  I play game in Oculus with virtual desktop.   Why don't you  make support  of hand controllers Oculus Quest 2 ? 


Hello! This is the first issue we have heard with hand controllers in Quest 2. It should work just fine. It should also work in keyboard and mouse by automatically putting the hands sin the right place.

Is this the first time you've played DomSim? Have you ever played the game on any other systems / headsets?  Did it work on those?

Can you explain better what you mean when you say the 'camera always moving in one direction'? We just need more info so we can properly investigate the issue.


No, i play this game first time. When i try to use hand controllers , camera starts moving in right and down direction and spinning around uncontrollably . Only button on controller works fine and finger of virtual hand moves when i press button.


Thank you for this extra information. It's not clear to me why the camera is moving down and to the right, but I will create a bug report so we can investigate.

Can you please tell me what processing power (CPU and RAM) that you have and what graphics card you are using?

Thanks for attention to my problem !
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
CPU 3.4 GHz
8 Gb RAM

I had the same issue on Quest2 when using Virtual Desktop Manager. I resolved the issue by buying an USB3 connection cable for Quest and installing the Quest software on my PC.

First I started Quest Software on PC an let it discover the Headset. Then I started Steam VR and let it discover the Headset. Finally I started Dominatrix Simulator and it worked without problems.


That's a fantastic bug fix! Sorry I am only just now seeing this. My computer didn't tell me there had been a new post!