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Uploading a multiplayer game

A topic by zclnzy created Jan 17, 2018 Views: 217 Replies: 4
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We are a small chinese dev. team (5 peeps) and did this game. It is still under development and features are being added everyday.

We want to upload this game to So we wonder if it is possible to iframe the direct link instead of a html file since we got our own server running?  We sent an email to the support, but still no reply.

Actual game link:

Thank you!

I apologize for my poor english skill and tell me if I did something wrong!

Moderator (1 edit)

You can also upload an HTML file that loads your game in an iframe.

Thank you! It works, it doesn't work before, seems to be caused because I checked mobile friendly.

Anyways, thank you a lot!

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Hello, how did you solved https connection over websockets ? Do you have signed certificate ? I have only self-signed certificate and when I upload game on itch,io and try it - it asks me for security exception permission and it is totally annoying and will repell potential players. I dont know why we are forced to have simple funny games over HTTPS :-/

We don't know what we did, we tried a lot of things. It's another programmer who implement the certificate. Currently we still have problem with Firefox saying connection not secure. We are trying to fix it, but nothing works. So we also have your problem :-/ Sadly, I can't help you