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Everyone needs a game like this sometimes.

A topic by Skydjinn created Jan 16, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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Another relaxing bit of storytelling by Nekomatata, Thirteen & Half Cats puts you in the shoes of a sad little witch who must gather her friends to help her find herself and rid her of a curse. From the softly colored world to the somewhat emotional and atmospheric music, there is nothing about this game that doesn't induce a peaceful feeling. There's a story with hints of sadness, but it's still a calm feeling throughout, and that's pretty nice. Everyone needs a game like this sometimes.

Good job on this.

Thanks for playing and making this video Skydjinn, I'm happy that the story reached you. I saw the few comments on YouTube, and it's true - this game is simple and linear. Keeping that in mind, this game was made for the people who need the story, and the peaceful / grounded feelings that you mentioned up top.

Thanks for playing, and keep doing what you do! Team Nekomatata is sending warmth your way.