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First Person Exploration Kit UE4

First Person Exploration Kit is a complete package to create a First Person Environmental Exploration or Adventure game · By Kai20

Feature Request

A topic by Kai20 created Jan 14, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 4
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Here you can request features

Additional Text: This post is about what you want. If you already own the package or if you need just this one feature for your satisfaction then you can simply post here. Most of the things I add to this list will be features you can actually build yourself but it would be a nice to have.  

Ideas: that I thought of but you still need to express your desire for one of these ideas below


  • an animation example
  • door sounds
  • background music
  • taking and Put back sounds
  • inspecting key before consuming
  • have longer name descriptions
  • footprint sounds
  • Film cuts like in gravity bone

I'd pick this up if you had Gravity Bone-like cuts for sure. I've yet to work that out myself :o


funny you say that because I am a big fan of blendo games myself and think that Virginia is at least visually impressive. 

Sadly I have to deny your wish as it doesn't fit the kit very well. I always think about how many uses a new feature can have and how you could reinterpret it yourself. For example almost every game needs doors but cuts are something very specific.

I actually experimented with some cuts. A fade to black is pretty easy but a hard cut like in Gravity Bone is harder to do. If I ever wanted to actually release it it should be as modular as this kit and due to time constraints this is not possible for me. I might share some code I have made with you ;)


Hey I had something in the working: I would have called it "Cut Kit" but it is far from finished! But hey I thought I simply share these screenshots (bad tutorials) here with all of you.  I will try to explain these techniques. 1. Fade between scenes. 2. Blendo Style Hard Cuts

So the event I am calling it from is the left mouse button (for testing). All these blueprints are in the first person character (the generic one)

Hard Cuts

  1. The logic behind it is: move camera to 0,0,0, so we can simply add the pitch/ Yaw.  As the camera is controlled through the controller we must take the same way. It is the same logic behind just looking around. Warning these controls have a scale applied to it (ex 1.7) and so you will want to divide it with the rotation you need. 
  2. You get that out of the Find Look at Rotation (divide it with the scale).
  3.  Then you add it to the controller
  4. The camera moves

Fade to Scene: For the fading scene we need to add something to the first person character blueprint: A Capture Component 2D. It should have the same settings (example: film grain, Lut).  It should capture the entire screen. You can think of a Capture Component 2D as a camera. Now to the blueprint

  1. So we create the Render Texture with the right settings 
  2. We apply the Render Texture to the UMG (the render texture will be the image on the box that fills the entire screen) (for easy communication we use game instances (
  3. We simply apply it to the viewport. (You could also set it to a loading screen when you change the level)( You can have it animated in the UMG (ue4 Unit))

Hard Cut

So I hope this is helpful. If you've got any questions, then please reach out to me. I will try to answer them. Good luck with these blueprints

Oh nice! I will look into this tonight :)