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HEX Colour Icons as found in VS Code

A topic by Karlstens created Dec 20, 2021 Views: 241 Replies: 1
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A nice feature to have would be Colour Squares as a suffix to any colour codes as per VS Code;

But knowing each GMS2 colour function may execute differently may make this tricky to execute...


This is a little hard to do with the code editor component (Ace) that I use - I can provide token types (which become CSS class names), but I cannot provide CSS properties, so there’s no graceful way to do this without adding up to 16777216 CSS classes to cover each color (a bad idea).

I did, however, make it so that mouseovering (or putting a text cursor over if the option is enabled) a 6-digit long hex literal (0x, $) shows a little preview with a square and RGB values.

There is also support for “normal” #RRGGBB literals, which I forgot to add tooltip support for.