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Character Sheet Goes off the Screen

A topic by UltraHyperDuck created Jan 14, 2018 Views: 106 Replies: 2
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I've recently been playing this game and I had a ton of fun, the progression system is nice and makes the player earn higher tiers, however there is a specific game breaking bug that prevents the player from being able to use the character sheet. The bug happens randomly and is unfixable in game.

This bug makes it impossible for the player to level up and the glitch is impossible to replicate. You need to play the game and eventually the glitch will randomly happen. The effect is permanent and you cannot get rid of it. I hope you guys at noble games can fix this in a future patch as right now I can't use any of my points. Thanks for reading :D

this happened to me aswell i just crouch and then look at it, most of it is on the screen so... :P i hope that helped a bit

I dunno if it will still occur in the new version

But for version .82

Use Slipcor's Save fixer - the last version or one just before it (should say either player or horse something something)

The issue is replicated by physics and orientation due to the Carriage - Riding in the cart "perfectly" may not be noticeable after dismount

But when the cart freaks out even slightly, hits a bump, or freaks out alot, the screenshot you provided occurs very easily.

There's also times when you're so off-base, you're practically swimming (gliding) across/inside the ground

And the engine just isn't setup to answer that (yet)

Save fixer will absolutely fix it