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love the game so far, is there a story line to this? if there is that's great! ill just love it even more. o3o I also noticed that the guy's butt no clips through the pants while he walks, is that known or no? if not i'm glad i let u know. ^3^

wow really beautiful i really like how it personifies time itself and still telling the story of two different people of two different times but yet its all the same :o 10/10  

maybe add some other shops that sell crystals or ores to replace the delivery would make things a little more realistic like considering that only paper was delivered lol  and just guessing, if the crystals are going to be used to enchant items might wanna involve an echantment table of some sort that you have to build/buy . Adding more mines would also be nice but the further you go into the mines or from home have slightly better chances of rarer ores but not too much of an increase.[ i would also suggest if there would be other ways to level up, for example, being able to equip/drop/switch weapons and go into a dungeon of some sort and kill some monsters and such?] - maybe i dont know really because it is a black smithing game although you could have the monster drop ores (golems) and crystals( elementals).  well.. thats all im contributing, if i think of anything else ill just add on to this one or make reply to this and thank you for taking your time to read all this. i know its a lot XD thanks again! o3o

this happened to me aswell i just crouch and then look at it, most of it is on the screen so... :P i hope that helped a bit