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Predation is an adult 2D pixel side-scroller action game in development currently by Horned Lizard Studios. · By HornedLizardStudios, Tib Averus, Samantha Lockwood

For those who are looking for the two missing animations Sticky

A topic by Tib Averus created Dec 18, 2021 Views: 6,577 Replies: 8
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Currently, this is roughly our only income. This game has been helping us get by and pursue our dreams for almost a year now, and we'd like to keep that going. And for this very reason, we had to make the difficult decision of removing two animations, as they broke not just Patreons TOS, but many other sites TOS too. If you'd like more information about this choice, or actually do something about it, please visit our Discord server and look at our "announcements-and-progress" channel, instead of complaining about a decision we made purely so we can keep working on the game.

Thank you

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I remember playing these run and rape games a long time ago.  I immediately hit a dog scene right away... jaw dropped and thought the rest has GOT to be amazing!  I was stumbling over more skeptical feral claims quite a bit where artists are forced to limit their work.   I'm sorry that you feel you need to take the crust off of this sandwich for the kids at Patreon, but the people are getting tired of cancel culture.  Beastiality is not a fetish I really look for, but this is an absolutely harmless (and very fun) game.  Anyways, long story short, people will flock to better sites to express themselves without worrying about being silenced, banned or cancelled, just like they are with facebook and twitter.  Guapoman had the same issues you have now and went to SubscribeStar adult.  Here are the TermsOfService.  Keep the full game.


We really appreciate it, but we cannot switch to any other support platform unfortunately. If we start asking people to move over somewhere else, Patreon WILL drop the hammer on us for trying to take supporters away from their platform to a rival one.


They will not do this.
Kabier has a substar and Patreon and she is fine.
Look into it if you don't believe me.

basicly ya just in places like here let it be known of the second option of subing IE just let it exist as an option and let the new location be your more active subsciber location and slowly move shop. unless patrion is a internet digging prick about things (though its proably illegal for them to be) a slow preferancal move is always an option

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I’m seeing this announcement in way more projects than I’d like to. I don’t really get why people still decide to back projects using Patreon if they know their TOS may affect project direction. It’s nothing new. A lot of other projects fell into this pit as well.

You just need to be aware that if service has restrictive TOS it may be just question of time when they’ll hammer down on more projects. You may make game more and more generic until you loose track of what you were working on in the first place in order to fit inside the box set by one platform TOS and what they think is right or wrong. Tumblr is prime example lmao. I could name few projects that started to be so afraid about TOS that they barely can be considered even furry focused anymore.

Just take into account that there’s number of projects being backed both by SubscribeStar and Patreon simultaneously.

As someone who became aware of the project because of the content that has now apparently been cut, guess I'll have to consider the last version that still contained them the final version and be happy with that. Good luck, I suppose.


There' s a very good reason I tell people to visit our discord server. The content is not cut, just hidden, and there's a very easy way to bring it back. Thank you.

Hello, I want to know if those animations can still be unlocked through the process of adding a file. I have attempted to follow the tutorial but I don't know if it works or where to see them. I found nothing new in the gallery nor in the levels. Are they removed or is it exclusive content?