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will not argue, this has enough marrit to what i saw of the game its based on to wish it was a full twist.

screen shots look primissing, sadly i can not help the game BUT i am holding hope in this will be done to full, even if its the last ever time, if you can finsh this consider it to memory, as i know a rough number of games i have finshed in my entire life with HUGE pile of games i have never come close to that have a end. i try to finsh but the mind wonders, so hold out and give it what you got! o7 the war only starts with knowing, it ends it doing.

what do you plan on doing for the main build post drop? like by than the demo will need to be differant as its starting to sound out of date. if you even keep that idea

hehehe XD by far i relate to you in the main issues of droping the ball and running to a new idea, but you also happen to be special in that your proably the only game maker i keep tabs on for usally gey things because i get a odd itch about it all. when you complete the game ill be there to give it the download and play. when you leave to comics ill try to remember to find were that is and start watching there, i hope your life getts better and you can finish a idea and make it the END of a era of destroying. if i can make my way out of this too than we both have learned ot live. till the days turn to rotting in earth or in a fire may we both and everyone here as well find a love what ever it is we can hold onto.

apart of me wonders if this got more devoped after the jam...

noted if i ever remember i will take a look for the file.

best lable controls for it here as well but its a good game idea.

even i agree a lot of that is NICE like i always look for the reviews who have taken a hour oe 2 and written a long essey sized comment or reveiw. works every place becaise thoes people put time and maybe a little cash to optimising the experince for them. aka they big they usally best for a read

your not alone but its also nice to lie and wait. now now i remember of this game and new pc i have a nice nook for it ^. .^