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Quite fun but needs more content

A topic by HiddenDarkHM created Dec 18, 2021 Views: 1,720 Replies: 2
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I really enjoyed this game. I also really like your concept. Not only creating a gatcha game without micro transactions, but a gay game at that. It really scratches that gatcha itch. Also OH THANK GOD a gay game that's not another visual novel. I love the character designs (except for vag arm guy, that one weirds me out) and character art. I wasn't a fan of the battle sprites at first but they did grow on me to some extent. The summon animation is awesome too! I really loved the item that increases a character's rarity too, that was a SPECTACULAR idea.

In terms of more critical feedback:

The game desperately needs more content. It's extremely hard and grindy so there's a decent amount of play TIME but very little actual content to go through. Also, if we're going to go gatcha I think it needs a LOT more characters to really make it really feel exciting when you get a new one you like (I got all the characters in a day). It drastically needs a proper story mode or some way to interact with your characters too. 

There is a LOT of tonal dissonance in the game. The design of the main character seems so out of place compared to the others and the combat sprites are a bit off-putting compared to the gorgeous character art. The tone of the writing is so... distracting. It's hard to explain, but I do feel like the Lord of the Rings parodying actually detracts from the game rather than adds to it and just doesn't jive well with the more... adult references and it just feels like it's trying too hard to be both a parody and a game in its own right.

All in all I think you have something REALLY special here and I love where you're going with it. There is definitely plenty of room for expansion and improvement but you have SUCH a solid foundation to work with. I really hope you continue to develop this game, because it is this sort of game the genre and gaymers like me really need.


Thank you for the detailed thoughts!

In terms of number of different characters, as this game was created for a two month gamejam, we had to limit the number of characters to have a manageable amount of art to create. We also decided to balance summon costs toward being able to more easily obtain all the units without too much grinding, because we wanted to see what combinations of units players would use.

(Not to say at all that your criticism isn't misplaced! But hopefully our decisions make more sense in context.)

We're not sure if we'll be revisiting this game, again since it was created for a gamejam, but we'll keep your comments in mind if we do make additional changes.


I really hope you either revisit it, or use it as the foundation for something similar. Like I said you really have something fantastic here! ❤️