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Thank you very much! There's definitely been more CV added to the patron version! I will be honest and say I don't think udders is anything I'm ever likely to get into though. Definitely plan on more in-gut crush and micro crush scenes and I've definitely added a few more micro crush scenes recently! :) Thank you very much for your kind encouragement!

I downloaded it but the gym stuff shown here isn't in the file.

You're welcome! I got the email for this reply so if you have any trouble let me know, I'll try to keep an eye out just in case.

You're welcome! I got the email for this reply so if you have any trouble let me know, I'll try to keep an eye out just in case.

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I'm so sorry I appear to not be getting notification emails from itch when I get comments for some reason! To reach the dorm just keep going North once you hit Campus, you'll reach the Administrative Building, keep going North through the building to reach the Campus Housing Green. To the North is the Dorm Building and to the West is the Gym. Just go inside the Dorm and it's in there. :)

I'm so sorry I appear to not be getting notification emails from itch when I get comments for some reason! This is way late but just to confirm, yes what Naughty Mono said is right, if you want to get out of the house easily you can just turn the family photo down. The key is in the laundry basket if you don't want to do that, it's just luck based. 

You're very welcome! It's great to hear that there's so much more in store for this game! :D I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it! I really hope it goes well  for you! 

Woooooof that is hot. Simple and hot. I love it.

I really like the vibe of this so far! I think it needs more gameplay to build it up a bit but the foundation is something really interesting. The dumping of items in place of the implied sex scenes is... interesting? (I did just see your comment below saying you do plan to add the actual sex scenes in the future so I'm glad to hear that! I'm interested to see what you'll do with it and the items going forward.) Obviously the art is the main draw and it is spectacular~ I hope you continue with this project because I think it has a lot of fun potential in it, it just needs some fleshing out. 

Sorry? I don't quite understand?

I can certainly hope then! ❤️

Good to see this game is still being touched! I really hope that means we get to see those other titans sometime soon! :D

I dig the aesthetic and the pixel art is fantastic! Any hope for being able to switch to a hungry househusband? He's pretty hunky himself and I wouldn't mind being his husband/snack :D

The outline of this is really neat! I'd love to play a version of this with a male pred instead because I really like the concept you've got here! I love the idea of vore boss battles as a  concept so I'd love to see more like this!

Correct, the escape ending is not in the game yet.

Gotcha! Yeah that was a problem that came up with the demo versions. It's unfortunately a problem inherent to Quest so there's only so much I can do to fix it and partially why for the Patreon version I created cheat codes to help speed things up.  I'll double-check because it's been quite a while since that first came up but I think it also mattered where you save, like if you went back to the neighborhood from the campus it would let you save there but I could be misremembering.

Hey there! Is that happening in the demo or the Patreon version?

I know that at a certain point Quest's save/load system doesn't quite handle the map storage appropriately but there might be a way to fix it.

Alrighty! Well if you have any other trouble just let me know! :)

It's something that's crossed my mind. I don't think I'd be quite as good at writing pred-perspective but I do think I could. Thank you for the suggestion!

 I'm happy to help, but I'm definitely going to need more info. Are you having trouble loading up the demo? Are you having issues getting out of the house? Are you stuck on a specific screen?

Thank you so very much! I'm really glad you liked those things because those were definitely some of the things I strive for!

Yes! Just recently I added the disposal feature! Off the top of my head I believe as of my last Patreon update there are around 13 scenes with optional disposal currently and I intend to add it to all of the endings, including more intense digestion scenes!

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It's never given me any trouble honestly. It's easier to my brain to understand than visual novel software and the UI for a creator is very intuitive. Plus the ability to move any direction and have a navigable visual map is a big draw to me.

If you know of better free software with similarly easy to use UI for creators and features let me know! I'd be happy to check it out. 😃

Awww that's wonderful! Welcome back! I'm so glad you enjoyed it before and I hope you continue to enjoy it! ❤️ I appreciate the kind words so very much?

Well if you need help just let me know! Keep in mind some events with the dad are random and won't happen every time!

I'm so glad you like it! There's definitely some trial and error for games like this but if you run into any questions you can't work out, please feel welcome to reach out to me! :)

Wooooo! Excitiiiing! 😌 I can't wait to play!

BLESS!!! The assisted view is SO HELPFUL. Omg! It makes the entire game so much better!

You're welcome! I think as more characters get added it'll get better and better! 

Yep you're definitely right! I've played quite a bit more and while the drop rate is arduously low they are dropping. 

I'll definitely stand by what I said before though, this is the dark souls of match 3 games. The fact that the easy practice boss can wipe an entire fully healed team by 1-shotting almost every single character is ridiculous, especially considering they fire multiple shots at multiple characters, and renders the healer characters completely useless. My last boss fight attempt my entire team was dead in 3 attacks from full health. It was doing minimum 140 damage per attack and attacking 3 times at once. So far I have only 2 characters at level 2 and I've played several hours now. If a single character goes down you're not making it past more than maybe 1 more level which is so hard when you can lose a character in the first 15-30 seconds of a match if you're unlucky. I actually am in love with this game but it is SO difficult and usually match 3 games are kinda chill but this is the most stressed I have ever been playing a mobile game. Like, my heart rate is at Elden Ring boss levels from the second a match begins. The difficulty and incredibly slow progression are really starting to make it harder and harder to play. 

Another problem I'm facing is the character icons looking too similar. I've included a screenshot as a great example. The brown tanuki I can easily tell from the others but between the white cat and white bear I cannot tell them apart in a hurry and since you have to be lightning speed at this game from the second the buzzer sounds it makes it even harder. The green characters somewhat blend together and the green and white starts to blend with the two whites. When the screen gets like this my eyes just gloss over and I can't see anything. Even if I mix up my team a bit there's just not enough differentiation between them and for a game with RPG elements you want to be working around teams and skills, not what characters you can actually tell apart. I really really like this game but it physically hurts my eyes to play when the screen gets like this because of how badly I have to strain them. 

Ahhhh I see! Okay that's kinda what I was starting to think. And what about the gems issue? How do I deal with being cut off from the gems to summon more? Or have I just had bad luck?

Hey there! I really like what you have here so far but I'm having a rough time and I'm not sure if I'm missing some key mechanics. The story is greyed out so I'm guessing that's not implimented yet and the challenge enemies are way too strong so I was able to do some of the easy practice but my units aren't levelling up and I can't seem to unlock any of their abilities. I got a few gems from that but then it stopped giving them to me so now I'm just stuck. So far for me it's been the dark souls of match 3 games lol. I can't seem to advance at all. I thought the easy practice was where to build up some strength but since it stopped giving me gems I just dunno what to do. 

Ahhh okay I didn't realize I could pass those! I'll check that out tonight, thank you!

Absolutely! That would be absolutely awesome, and I love giving detailed feedback so I would love to! I can send you a PM on Twitter or FA if you would prefer one or the other? 

I love that itch literally did not inform me about this until TODAY. -_- still though it's awesome! A couple minor problems I have been having: I can knock on the door but I otherwise haven't found any other of the environmental interactions you mention. Also a couple things are a bit spastic when he's on the ground, like I've noticed if you fiddle with it you can get him to raise his right arm as if you're going to rub his bicep or lick his pit but it keeps jumping around and I can't get him to hold it up for more than a couple seconds to interact with it and when you move around while he's in that position it's like you're on a trampoline.
I need to test this further but the controllers have area ISSUES when pointing. They seem to work fine with positioning but pointing at the menu I have to have my controller down at my side and fiddle with it just right to get it to aim at anything or the pointer seems locked on one of the corners even when I move it around.
Does this version have any mawplay? I saw some good detail when I phased my face into his but I wasn't able to initiate anything. 
A couple of suggestions/comments:
It would be good if there was a way to get him to bend down a bit. Far be it for me to complain about being tall (I REALLY love how in this version you can tell how HUGE he is compared to you) but I can't really reach his arms or face when he's standing up,especially if I'm aiming to lick his biceps or pits. I need a stepladder to reach that boy!! <3 I love the size though definitely do not make him smaller!!
I am SO glad you kept the voice for him, I really love it and his lines are GREAT.
This is 100% a me thing but I love the vore reference to him not eating you, I would love more references to that or at least more vaguely threatening references like that. The danger adds to the excitement.
The new model is WORLDS better.
I really hope he gets a bit more dominant about the foot-related stuff, he's very passive in that regard and even is like "No don't do that" rather than being in control.
I hope there are more options for him to be more the dominant one in control of the situation, maybe telling you what to do and you get good reactions for following his commands etc.
The tongue is a tiiiiny bit too long and it makes it kinda silly.

If I think of more I'll let you know! I really hope this one gets some more updates because it feels like a VERY impressive start and it definitely makes me want to check out your main game now that I've played these two.

Just to share my support for that idea, I can tell I would play the hell out of this with a male macro! I really hope you do add that option! :) 

Hello! The update seems to have fixed the problem. I was able to download and start the game successfully and it seems to be working just fine, though I haven't had time to actually go beyond the title menu. I'll let you know if there's any issues that pop up but otherwise I think we're good! So excited to try it on my phone since I've only done it on PC and I am a loooot of updates behind!

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I can't install the Android apk. I get an error saying "there was an error parsing the package" I am running the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra and I tried redownloading, app installations from unknown sources are allowed, and I restarted and it's still not working. 

It's great to see you guys are working on the game again! I really hope that means we might get more content 🤞 Thank you guys for the fixes!

This game only has one bara character based off the profiles and pictures but is listed as a bara game. Will it be adding more characters or does it have others that aren't shown?

Vorror community · Created a new topic This always happens

I'm so sorry, mate. This always happens. Someone starts a project like a fun vore game or story or something like that and someone always has to come along and be a dick and fuck it up for everyone :( It's why there are so few good finished games out there. hope you DO continue it because you have such a great start but I really hope people aren't dicks to you about the haitus.

Me: Hmm yes this game seems nice, great graphics, handsome main character, gorgeous husbando, nice plot, good rpg systems. I may have to buy the full ver-

Game: *gives me the dog*


I think this is a really interesting start. I think once magic is implemented it will really open a lot of doors. I love the style and I think the gameplay itself is fun, though it took me a little bit to figure out the controls (especially picking up items lol). I think the RPG systems are simple and enjoyable and the combat is hard but satisfying. Movement is a bit difficult sometimes and I think it needs an easier "return to town" feature than the super expensive orbs.

I really think one thing that is lacking most is the option to choose your character's species rather than just being locked into fox, especially since the boar and bear designs are so adorable. I really think that is a bit more narratively necessary given the "different animal tribes" theme of the world and even game description.