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German Keyboard layout and Hotkeys

A topic by Inoshiro90 created Jan 09, 2018 Views: 714 Replies: 7
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German keyboard owner/user here! 

Anyone with a german layout struggling to find some of the hotkeys I found at least these three:

  • ´ Increase stroke size.
  • ß Reduce stroke size.
  • # Toggle linecap.

Feel free too add other 'hidden' hotkeys on the german keyboard layout :)


Thanks for this. I tend to optimise for QWERTY, I'm glad there are work arounds. 

If there are unused keys that would make it easier for the German keyboard users, let me know and I'll implement them :)

not directly related: the ALT + click is a system shortcut on linux mint (cinnamon) to drag the whole window :)
is there a way to edit the shortcuts manually (config file, xml, whatever, anything is fine fore me!)


I'm working on something along these lines today :)

It should be up in the next update:

cool! i'm following anyway

I have a german keyboard layout as well. Could this be the reason a lot of shortcuts don't work or work only occasionally?

for example: 

cmd+p to change resolution doesn't work 

cmd+z / cmd+shift+z only works occasionally

{ and } have a 50/50 chance to work

 backspace to delete a point doesn't work


It's possible. Where did you see ctrl+p for resolution? That sounds like from the old versions.

Here's the Dotgrid guide.

I just looked around. It might have been an old post.