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The World Begins With You

An atmospheric puzzle-platformer-adventure. · By Fabian Denter

Extra doors? Ending unlit pillars?

A topic by Lumps Plays - Visual Let's Plays created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 95 Replies: 1
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Wondering if there is any way to unlock those magic doors you walk by shortly after you get off the boat? There's 3 of them and a floating light in the same area, but all I can find to do is walk past to the rest of the game.

There's also two unlit pillars following two lit pillars at the there a way to light all 4 for an extra ending or something? Just wondering if I got everything before I do a Lumps Plays.



Hi there, 

Thanks for playing! As for the doors, no there is not a way to unlock them. Thinking of it, it would actually be cool if there was some puzzle with the doors and lights.

The lights at the end are actually not unlit but that‘s hard to see because it‘s so bright. They are there to guide players to the edge, but I realize now that they might cause players to think there‘s more to them, because they look unlit. 

Hope that clears things up! :)