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ORION INVASION - Demo version 0.1.0 (free)

A topic by Simple Bit Games created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 109 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone! we´re pleased to announce that our first demo version of ORION INVASION is available now for free download. At the moment, we´re still working on our second version of the demo, which will have more enemies, new mechanics, weapons, a boss fight and a complete level. Here´s a short video and description of the game and C&C are welcome, many thanks!

Game Site Link:

ORION INVASION is a retro- style shooter / bullet hell  game with a mix of platform events for those who enjoy hours of action  and lots of bullets. Explore mysterious places of the Orion  constellation, and join Bullet Squadron in company of Taja and Lylou to stop the attacks of "The Drevils" and prevent the invasion of Andromeda Galaxy. Hope you like it!


You forgot linking to the game page. :)

Opps Thanks for noticing, done!