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King Machine

A game about building machines. · By Dom Camus

Bug Reports & Problems Sticky

A topic by Dom Camus created Mar 11, 2016 Views: 419 Replies: 4
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King Machine's a very complex game, so I'm not going to be astonished if there's still a bug or two. I'd like to fix them, though, so if you'd be kind enough to let me know what's gone wrong I'll try to sort it out. :-)


Warning about Avast antivirus

One player reported a strange problem to me in which the game failed to start at all. I have now finished investigating this and it turns out Avast antivirus blocks execution of the game silently without alerting the user. Further investigation shows that it does this for any project I build with Unity 4.7, including a completely blank project, if I include an icon (!). As such, this is an Avast bug rather than a King Machine bug and I can do nothing about it.

Avast users can still play the game without problems, but will need to first add the game as an exception.


Minor bug (Demo / Beta 0.203): If you press Reset in the Pause menu, then press ESC while the King Machine sliding overlay is down, the game pauses but the Pause menu is hidden behind the overlay. This is confusing since if unless you figure out to press ESC again to dismiss it, it can appear as if the game has hung. Suggest either disallowing pausing while the overlay is down, or allowing the Pause menu to render on top of the overlay.


Good catch - thanks! I'll fix that in the next update (which should be soon). :-)


OK, Beta 0.204 (and corresponding demo) are now up and contain a fix for this bug.