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A little unnerving how you can't move off the path to safely avoid the joggers.

Looks wonderful, although I did hit some framerate issues on my average-spec machine (GTX 650Ti, Core2 Quad, 8 Mb RAM). Also, I was having some serious 'convergence' issues in VR - I think the particles are being allowed too close to the camera. Might need to see a greater Near Clipping Plane on the Camera(s).

Fun take on a touch typing game ! Really good for figuring out the best hand pose for effective typing on a virtual keyboard ... I think I've got a technique down now (193 on my try game :) ).

Wow, this is awesome. The best controls of any Leap Motion demo I've tried so far.

Just a heads up - there was a time a few years back when Google Play was aggressively removing anything with Flappy in the title or description. Will be interesting to see how this is treated now.

Minor bug (Demo / Beta 0.203): If you press Reset in the Pause menu, then press ESC while the King Machine sliding overlay is down, the game pauses but the Pause menu is hidden behind the overlay. This is confusing since if unless you figure out to press ESC again to dismiss it, it can appear as if the game has hung. Suggest either disallowing pausing while the overlay is down, or allowing the Pause menu to render on top of the overlay.