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Some complaints

A topic by Ancient Warfare created Jan 04, 2018 Views: 373 Replies: 4
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Three things about the game that I've found quite irritating. (Other than that it's a great game) 1) You can't place multiple units at once which I find to be quite annoying.  2) You have to save a custom battle to an already existing file in your computer instead of just saving it to the game that is impossible to try and figure out. 3) When you're trying to make a battle scene all the focus is put onto one character at a time, making long ranged attacks basically useless.  also, when attacking, the units seem to walk inside each other and form a straight line. making the scene very anti climactic and quite stupid to watch. fixing these in the future would be very good and i'd buy the game.


Thank you for your feedback.

i bught the game

but had a issue geting the key

so itd be nice if i was told how to fix dat

cause i didnt pay 8:99 for nothing


I wrote this article about how you can claim your steam key:

If there is something wrong with the payment, you have to write an email to the support.

did anyone else have that problem