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Ancient Warfare

A member registered May 17, 2017

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Three things about the game that I've found quite irritating. (Other than that it's a great game) 1) You can't place multiple units at once which I find to be quite annoying.  2) You have to save a custom battle to an already existing file in your computer instead of just saving it to the game that is impossible to try and figure out. 3) When you're trying to make a battle scene all the focus is put onto one character at a time, making long ranged attacks basically useless.  also, when attacking, the units seem to walk inside each other and form a straight line. making the scene very anti climactic and quite stupid to watch. fixing these in the future would be very good and i'd buy the game.

So first of all, I've been playing ancient warfare 2 for the past few months and REALLY enjoyed it.  So when ancient warfare 3 came out I was excited. I downloaded the demo to test it out and instantly fell in love with it. I decided to buy the game and play it. Now, I have this different game that in order to play it I had to restart my computer. So I restarted my computer and decided to play ancient warfare 3. but I realized I was playing on the demo. I looked for the full version on my computer but couldn't find it anywhere. I tried to access it thru this site but it said I needed to buy it again. Please help since I don't have the sort of money to buy it again and It's nowhere to be found in my computer storage.

Suggestion) I was wondering if there could be a map where half of it is land and the other half is water so you could have ships vs. castle.

Also, I was wondering how to use the unit spawner as I can't seem to get it to work. When I leave it out on the battle field nothing spawns. If you could just tell me how it works that would be great.