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The Last Dino

A topic by ashpan101 created Jan 04, 2018 Views: 156
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Synopsis :

Join the little dino on his journey back to home.

Description :

A raging meteor is coming towards Earth and then crashed.
The dinosaur species is almost extinct, except for the last known dino family. Over the span of several thousand years after the Meteor hit the Earth some new form of life has also evolved. The little dino was playing with his mother when a horde of hungry wild foxes attacked the dino family. The mother fought with the flock saving the little dino, but seeking the chance a flying dinosaur grabbed the little dino and flew away.
The little dino slipped from flying dinosaur's claw and fell at some mysterious place, where the little dino had never been before.

Screenshots :

You will deal with multiple enemies, multiple boss fights and will experience multiple environments. There is lot more to be discovered in this game.

Link :

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