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Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid

A topic by Mattie The Masochist created Jan 03, 2018 Views: 803 Replies: 6
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Hello lucky viewer!

I am excited to announce the near completion of "Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid  v1.5"
This update will include the following:
  • The ability to smoke wherever you want
  • More music for the "Smartphone" feature
  • 2 New Female Characters!
  • New H-Scenes!
  • New ability to Degrade and/or Compliment the female characters!!!
  • Your treatment of the female characters will now alter the H-Scenes and overall status of the women in the game
  • Updates on the Story
  • Bro Challenge 4 will now be available to play
  • Ability to "Do it" with Courtney behind the Strip Club!

I'm gonna finish this update tonight. I work fast hehe. I'll upload the new version tomorrow morning for sure!

If you haven't played this amazing game yet, try out the demo! Give me any tips or ideas. I'm open-minded!

Thanks for all your support guys :)

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Hello lucky viewer!

I'm proud to announce that I am creating new updates to the game. I never really knew how to take breaks haha! I guess I just have a very vivid imagination because every time I finish one update... I come up with more ideas and work on ANOTHER one...  XD

"Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid" Version 1.8 will include the following:

  • More H-Scene Animations (Yes, actual animations will be available to watch during H-Scenes)  (You're welcome, fappers XD)
  • A "Cheat Code Mode" (Basically enables players to Skip flirting with women, and jump straight to the Sex haha ;D)
  • Day 5 of the Story
  • And last but not least... THE LAMBO and Carlos' Play Station 4 will be available!

(At the beginning of the game, Carlos makes a bet with the main player, saying that he will let you keep his PS4 and car if you win. You will be able to play a videogame on the Playstation 4 (Probably a mini-game of some sort)

Also, the player will be able to Drag Race at night before going to bed. This will be a mini-game as well.

Of course I will tie in some New Female Characters into these new features, so don't fret ^^

My main goal is to make this game more... "Fappable" If that's even a word...

A Special Note <3

Stay tuned for more news on the update. I work really fast. For those of you who've played the game and enjoyed it, tell your friends about it and see if they'd like to play as well. I created this game for laughs & pleasure. It's just a silly game for men (and women) to play in their spare time for their own enjoyment. I spend time learning about my followers, seeing what you all enjoy, and what consoles you enjoy playing the game on. I enjoy hearing your hilarious feedback on the game as well haha!

This game would be nothing without the help from my supporters. I won't EVER ask for your money. All I care about is spreading joy through the keyboard, my dudes.

So thanks for the love you guys,

- Conley ^^

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Hello lucky viewer!

I spent the last 5 days working on update 1.8

This is not the Big Update 2.0!!!

Version 2.0 will finally progress through the story and have all those new features that I talked about in my last devlog.

Version 1.8 however, is full of little surprises. This update is a remaster of the previous version. 

Version 1.8 features:

  • The characters have more emotions
  • You can now rape two of  the characters
  • I fixed every little bug that was bothering me 
  • Hazel now  has her own animated H-Scene

Have fun and enjoy the update! I'm rendering it right now. Give me 10 minutes and it will be uploaded & ready to play!

Version 2.0 will be ready in about... a week and a half. Promise  \(^-^)/

Let's Get it!!! Version 2.1 is available to Download & Play!!!

This is the best and fullest update yet!

The game is completely different from the previous version! There's so much new stuff!



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What is a H-scene? Heroin?

You say this game is for laughs and pleasure and spreading joy and you will make it more fappable. I don't think including rape is a good idea. :\

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There's no longer any rape. I had to remove that content because I uploaded the game to another site. You're looking at old posts dude lol. The game is just a fun, casual, comedic story for shits and giggles. Don't take us too seriously. But thanks for your late response.

Hey gorgeous,

You're in luck. The newest update to the game is up and ready. I could sit here and list all of the new features in the newest update...

but that would just take all the fun out of playing wouldn't it?      ;D

Play the game for Free Now!