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FEMINAZI 4000: The Curse of The Blue Pill Zombie

A topic by ParadoxTerminal created Jan 01, 2018 Views: 169 Replies: 11
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Destroy waves of hypocritical undead feminazi zombies as you; an oppressed male called SICKBubbleGUM115 desperately tries to survive in a dangerous world filled with blue hair dye and arm pit hair.

Take your red pills and aim your glocks at the door because this is gonna be messy.


Hi there! Please flesh out your announcement a bit. Simply adding the game description and the screenshot or the video would make a big difference.

I have added a video as well as screenshots and a description.


On the game page, yes. Your announcement is just a link, and that's unlikely to attract many people.

There is a short description underneath the link though. Do you think I should make it longer?


What description? Your original post right here in this thread is just a link. :)

You're right. I added a description for the game, but perhaps that description is only visible in a certain search field on this website <shrugs shoulders>. Not sure how to add a description to the link above.

Thanks for the advice. I know you're only trying to help, but just keep in mind that I don't take this game too seriously - it was mainly a gift for a friend rather than something that would go viral so I don't pay much attention to it anymore. Also, I really don't know too much about the customization of games on this website and I'm too lazy to do it for this game, although I may make some adjustments later.

thanks again,



We seem to have an issue of miscommunication. Your game page sports a description and screenshot. Your OP here however is just a link. But there should be an "Edit" link under your post, that you can use to flesh out your announcement a bit more. I've been asking you to do it according to the rules of this category. Did you add another description somewhere else?

There is no edit link in the post above. I found "edit game" on the page of the game where I filled out a short description as well as long description so I have no idea how to do what you're talking about.

What "rules of this category" are you talking about? Is there a certain way I have to "flesh out" my game?

Okay, this is a bit embarrassing because I just found the edit button. I hope the description is to your liking.


It's not my place to judge the quality of the description; thanks for adding it. If you go to the category page, you'll find a link labeled "View this community's rules..." Those rules are why I pestered you. Figured it was better than doing something drastic.

Fair enough. Cheers.