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♪♫ Dan Wrigley Music looking for New Projects! ♫♪

A topic by danwrigleymusic created Dec 29, 2017 Views: 146 Replies: 2
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Hi  Guys and Gals,

I'm Dan Wrigley a music composer and producer from the UK. Videogames and music are my two biggest lifelong passions so combining the two seemed like a no brainer! As such I have just recently started to build my own music business taking on freelance work (mostly from People Per Hour) but what I'm really interested in is creating music for videogames both for the joy of helping to create fully realised worlds, atmospheres and settings and also because it's just damned fun!

Genre wise I am happy to try my hand at anything as you will be able to see from my website and SoundCloud page as they expand over time.

This is my newest material :


I like your metal music!

This makes me want to create something that uses it:

- Eric


Thanks man, you're welcome to if you get round to it.