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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

A topic by CaptainD created Dec 29, 2017 Views: 121 Replies: 1
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Captain Disaster takes a job delivering a package from Acturus-1 to Proboscis Major - not realising that he is actually transporting something that will put the entire galaxy in danger!  Though just getting the package in the first place is quite a challenge in itself...

Our intrepid nitwit investigates interesting peculiar people, puzzling places and panicky problems along the way to saving the day, once he finally realises that something is wrong.  Expect lots of laughs and head-scratching dilemmas before you reach the shocking conclusion and find out what all this "Million Stomping Boots" business is actually about!

This game has been a long time coming so I hope people find it was worth the wait!

We have updated the installer package to v1.01 due to a few bug reports from players.  There are mostly very small bugs that our test team missed, but there is one bug that could crash the game (albeit the chances of you actually encountering this bug are remote).  

If you are already using v1.00 we do not recommend updating as we cannot guarantee saved games will work between versions.  If anyone does find it necessary to update and loses their progress as a result please post in the game's forum and I'll get a new save game file to you ASAP.