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My asset didn't get indexed after a few days of publishing. Should I change something?

A topic by Macrune12 created 6 days ago Views: 67 Replies: 2
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I've published my asset 3 days ago and it still haven't been indexed yet. On the FAQ and doc it said that I've my asset didn't get indexed after 24 hours I should contact the support. I know that people can still access my project through my profile, but it worries me that I might do something wrong in my asset page.


Your newest project appears to be your first paid project. In this case, an extra review process needs to happen, and your project needs to be manually approved by an admin. This is something that happens only once for each user, so future projects should be indexed faster.

I’d suggest waiting a couple business days more, feel free to reply on this comment if the project is still not indexed by then, although I don’t see anything wrong with your project.

I see thank you for the reply and I'll wait for a couple more days.