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Mine, explore and conquer in this atmospheric space experience! · By profexorgeek

v0.6.0 Bug Reports Locked

A topic by profexorgeek created Dec 28, 2017 Views: 241 Replies: 16
This topic was locked by profexorgeek Jan 30, 2018

New build out released, please post any bugs to the latest thread!

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This is the place to report any issues you discover in v0.6.0. Please provide screenshots and platform (Mac or PC) if possible so I can fix bugs quickly!


PC: Win 10 64bit, gtx1050ti, I got enough money to buy either a Dagger or Starliner and when I purchase either one the game crashes out to windows with no warning or error. Ive tried purchasing the ships from different systems, equiping guns no matter as soon as I exit the menu the game closes. 


Fixed! I posted a new build, version 0.6.1, that should solve your problem.

This bug was caused by some changes I made to the way your game is saved in v0.6. Basically, it wasn't checking to make sure you had a weapon installed before trying to save the weapon, causing a crash. When you bought a new ship with two turrets you probably didn't equip both turrets (which is fine) and the game didn't handle this properly.

Please let me know if this fixes your error and thanks for reporting this issue!

NOTE: I posted a request for your error log but it turns out I didn't need it so I deleted that post. Please disregard that request


That totally makes sense. Ad I only had one weapon to equip. Ill check later today but Im sure this will fix the issue. If have any more issues ill be sure to report them. Thank you

That fixed it, I have a small suggestion.. There should be a turret amount number in the list of ships. Im not sure the number of turrets you can equip on any particular ship. Unless I'm just missing it lol.


There are many things wrong with the UI. Not only does it not show turrets on ships you purchase, it doesn't show your current ship stats so you don't know which weapons your ship can fire consistently! It also isn't clear about which faction owns the station (important when taking missions) or your stats with that faction. Finally, it doesn't give you a lot of information on how to even play the game. The good news is, UI is what I'm working on right now. The January build features a major UI overhaul. Here's a mockup of what the station menu will look like:

Also Ive had 2 hard crashes in about 20 minutes. Both times it happened when I was at "Foundry Center" and a school of purpil ships starts to attack. I'd start seeing them open fire and the game crashes to windows.


Okay, this one will be harder for me to reproduce and it'll be helpful to have your error log. When the game crashes, it should dump a bunch of info here:

[your user folder on windows]/masteroid/error.log

The error log is just a text file with an info dump about the crash. If you can email me that it'll help me fix the bug quickly. You could also paste the file here but it may have machine or user info you don't want to post here. My email address is justin at justindjohnson dot com.

These are the first major stability problems that have been reported. I made some big changes in December to the core math functions in the game. When a fleet attacks a whole bunch of math happens for targeting and wingman flight paths and it's probably hitting some broken state that I failed to test.

Thanks again for playing and reporting bugs.

I have e-mailed the log to you from reynoldsandrew41

Developer (1 edit)

I've been on the lookout but haven't seen anything come through. Can you double check the email address: [redacted because SPAM]

If you can get me the log today, I'm hoping to carve out time to find/fix it tonight!

Sorry I missed the “D”. Resent. 


I got the error log! So, I think all of the first errors in your log are related to the problem I fixed. The last two errors basically say "An external component has thrown an exception" and reference the OpenALSoundController.

My working theory is that the game is trying to play too many sounds at once and crashing your specific collection of drivers or hardware.  I may have made this worse in the Dec release because weapons typically fire more shots now. Based on your description and the error log, I'd guess that a bunch of ships try to fire a bunch of shots at once, crash the sound driver and the game.

This one will likely be a little harder to fix since I don't have a good way to test. But I have some ideas to get started on over the next few days. I'll let you know as soon as I have an update.

That seems like a pretty good assumption. I played for awhile last noght and it did not crash at all really after those two times. But I didnt see a big school open fire again either.. Also looking forward to that new UI! Looks great!!


The fix for this is going to require a significant overhaul of the sound implementation. Unless it's causing regular crashes, I'm going to either fix this as part of the next major release or as a patch after the next release. I'd have to do a pretty big change in dev direction to get this fixed immediately and that would push out some really important stuff I'm working on for this release.

Thanks for your patience: I'll let you know when I have a fix underway!


This bug took a while to get to but I believe I solved it today. I ended up doing a pretty major rewrite of how the game handles sound. The crashes were due to too many sounds being played simultaneously. The fix for this bug will be in the next release. The release is feature-complete and I'm testing it now. I hope to push it live for PC by tomorrow evening. The Mac release may be delayed as I'm experiencing some significant perf issues on Mac.

Thanks again for reporting the issue and happy playing!

Wow thats amazing! Cant wait for the new build. Keep up the great work!


The new build is posted! I'm closing this thread. Please post any new bugs to the v0.7 thread. Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the new release.

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