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This looks impressive! Congrats on  the launch, any plans on a Steam release?

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Thats okay, glad to help out with a small purchase. Will there ever be AI available in future updates to play against? Also are you the creator of Zomborg? I enjoyed that one a lot!

Glad I am not the only one, I cannot seem to find it either. Hope we get a response. It is a really fun game, I just like playing my games through Steam

Ah man I thought there would be some single player against AI opponents :( 

I cannot even find a match to play :( :(

Thanks, I purchased

Hello I purchased this Next Jump on Itch summer sale and I am enjoying it a lot! The download said it came with a Steam key but I cannot seem to find it. I do like playing my games through Steam. Can you please help me where to find the steam key?

Thank you

I try to pay the sale price of $1.79 and Itch tells me its incorrect and I must pay $2.99

Wow thats amazing! Cant wait for the new build. Keep up the great work!

That seems like a pretty good assumption. I played for awhile last noght and it did not crash at all really after those two times. But I didnt see a big school open fire again either.. Also looking forward to that new UI! Looks great!!

Sorry I missed the “D”. Resent. 

I have e-mailed the log to you from reynoldsandrew41

Also Ive had 2 hard crashes in about 20 minutes. Both times it happened when I was at "Foundry Center" and a school of purpil ships starts to attack. I'd start seeing them open fire and the game crashes to windows.

That fixed it, I have a small suggestion.. There should be a turret amount number in the list of ships. Im not sure the number of turrets you can equip on any particular ship. Unless I'm just missing it lol.

That totally makes sense. Ad I only had one weapon to equip. Ill check later today but Im sure this will fix the issue. If have any more issues ill be sure to report them. Thank you

PC: Win 10 64bit, gtx1050ti, I got enough money to buy either a Dagger or Starliner and when I purchase either one the game crashes out to windows with no warning or error. Ive tried purchasing the ships from different systems, equiping guns no matter as soon as I exit the menu the game closes. 

Thanks for the response. After reading this and your retrospective I found on Twitter, I could not help but support your game. It looks really fun and am about to dive in.  I like how you share what you have to go through as an indie developer. Good luck on future builds and projects and hope you'll keep pushing.

Masteroid community · Created a new topic Steam?

I'm sure you have answered this question a million times but I was just curious if this game will ever come to Steam? 

Thank you-

Will this game be released on Steam? Curious if I purchase if it  will come with a Steam key? I played the demo and its pretty fun, worth a spot in my library. Let me know-