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NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics

NEXT JUMP is a turn-based, tactics Shoot 'em up for people who are bad at SHMUPs, but love them. · By Post Mortem Pixels


A topic by aRCHTEK_aPOCLYPSE created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 208 Replies: 2
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Hello I purchased this Next Jump on Itch summer sale and I am enjoying it a lot! The download said it came with a Steam key but I cannot seem to find it. I do like playing my games through Steam. Can you please help me where to find the steam key?

Thank you


I'm looking into it!


I just tested this myself and Itchio is really not giving any steam keys! Weird!  I have contacted Itchio by email and twitter, but I can email you a key right now if you want.

Just send an email to using the same email you used to buy the game here (your itchio login email).

Sorry for the inconvenience!