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Way to search libre (open source) games

A topic by bergtroll created Dec 27, 2017 Views: 72 Replies: 4
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There is many free as in freedom (known here as open source) games. It would be very suitable to have a way to find such games. It can be a special tag, or, may be, a search filter.


There is! Creators can indicate a license for their code and/or assets in their game metadata, and you can search for it with a URL of the form or (the latter is poorly advertised).

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Oh, that's great!

But what about more general method of search?.. I am not shure, that I will remember this urls with assets, and I am afraid some other users too. Also I try to go to and got 404. Than I have got that I should search code-gpl2 and code-gpl3 but it is not seems too clear, isn't it? I mean I just want to explore games with any free licenses (or, may be, with few of these at once).


Right! These are all things to keep in mind for future improvement.

Glad to know! =)

Thank you for reply.