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Please Try Out

A topic by cartergames created Dec 26, 2017 Views: 91 Replies: 4
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please can people try out my zombie shooter game called zombs (or zombz in the upcoming update) 

I released it about a month or two ago and nobody has downloaded it and I am a bit sad because it was my first unity project and I am only 12.

Even trying it out for five minutes would be nice. Link is (I think):

Thank you in advance.


I took the liberty and made the link clickable. Hope that's all right. You know what would help? A couple of screenshots.

Sorry but I was and am currently only able to post with my phone so I couldn't get any screenshots.

Thank you for the correct link though. Also thanks to the person who downloaded it. If you could spare a few minutes I would love some feedback.


That was me. Unfortunately I'm on Linux, and Windows builds of Unity games just crash here. Even the Linux builds are often unplayable because I have Intel graphics. Never actually saw the game.

oh. I'll see if I can get a Linux build if that would help and I can get my friend to test it as he uses Linux sometimes. It may just be a case of build and hope for the best.