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OSX Load Issue

A topic by hvllows created Nov 16, 2021 Views: 598 Replies: 10
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Downloaded both beta and default versions, but neither worked. Same version number, so go figure. 


I get the same thing on my M1 Pro macbook pro.


Same issue on my M1 Max on macOS Monterey. Removing the extended attributes using `xattr` causes it to launch and freeze on a black screen like the Steam version.


Same. Just bought the game and can't run on M1 Macbook Pro (16 inch, 2021). File info says it will run in "Intel" mode


I'm also having this issue on an Intel Macbook Pro 2018 on Monterry


latest builds are still broken. Can I get a refund?


Having the same issue here, none of the fixes I've found on google have worked. Can I get a refund?

Intel macOS user here, same problem. Should've read this before downloading the game, very disappointing.

Same issue. May I please get a refund for my purchase?

Developer (1 edit)

Seems it's a permissions issue, needs to be explicitly allowed since it isn't signed on newer macos:


You can probably also "allow apps downloaded from", as described here: