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Reporting Bugs! Sticky

A topic by Violet created Nov 15, 2021 Views: 80 Replies: 7
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If you've found a bug or a problem in the Demo, I'd love to know about it so I can fix it and make the game even better.

You can leave a comment here or fill in the feedback form. You can also join us on discord to check in on development :)

Thanks for playing and hope you have fun in Garland!


Hey there, I am testing the macOS build of this game. 

When I launch it, it automatically renders the start menu in full-screen, but it only renders the top left corner of the screen, stretched out to fill the whole screen. This is what my entire full screen looks like when attempting play the game:

I wonder if I could fix the resolution myself in the settings, but I can't see the menu because of how it's being rendered, and there does not appear to be any visible way of forcing this game to launch in windowed mode, or to specify my own custom resolution choice in a settings text file.

Of course I suppose I could just play the Windows version since I tested and it works, but since you explicitly included a macOS build, I felt like I should report it.


Hey! Thanks for the bug report, I really appreciate it! :D

I've fixed the Mac display issue and it will be ready to go in the next update. I'm hoping to upload in the next week or so and the new version will have additional user settings for resolution too.  The Windows version is a few updates ahead at the moment so if you don't want to wait definitely feel free to give that one a play in the meantime.

Thanks so much again for your report, the extra details and screenshot are super helpful, I'll add a note to the mac build now too!


Neat, thanks for the update.

Found a bug I got into my apartment for the first time the cut scene ended and when the npc left I could not walk away from the sink/counter space where I was standing my character was just spinning in any direction I tried to walk.


Ooh that's definitely not ideal! Let me know which apartment building you're in and I'll check it out and make sure it's patched in the next update.

As a work around for now, if you're stuck in a collision area, if you press and hold the button to walk out of it for a few seconds you might be able to shake yourself free. Let me know if you're able to get unstuck or if you'd like to send me your save file I'm happy to unstick you :D

Thanks again for reporting!!

it was the tall purple/lilac exterior one the fancier one.:) I tried that and it didn't work but I made a new save and tested the other buildings and didn't get it anywhere but the purple/lilac exterior one to happen.


Ok no worries! Thanks so much for trying the others too :D
I've got it down on my bugs list so I will have a poke around this week and make sure it's in the next patch!