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Cookie Cutter MZ - Idle Clicker System

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. Copy and paste it into your own project to utilize a custom evented clicker! · By Caz

Help To Make It Controller Friendly?

A topic by taterlicker created Nov 15, 2021 Views: 97 Replies: 2
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Hi I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make this controller friendly? :)


Hi! It's possible to make it so that you can use a controller for this, but would probably require quite a lot of extra work. You can set it so that the "click" is a button press that adds to the total click count, but the menu on the side is a little more tricky. You'd have to make it function more like the default RM menus, so there's always a selection box around one of the options, and the player has to press up and down to select the option they want, instead of just being able to click it.


Ok,thanks for the fast reply and help :)