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Triplane: Furball - 2D local-MP dogfighting game

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We have just released our demo of Triplane: Furball for you to consume!

an furball
"free airspace is in short order!"

Triplane: Furball is an 2D dogfighting game and the demo features one playable map with up to 4-players or AI planes trying to control the skies! The game is best played with friends and has gamepad support! (It might get little tight around keyboard with 4 people cramming in! :)

We'd love to hear some feedback about playability and balance,  as this project has been going on for over a year now and we are too accustomed to notice anything anymore!

We are doing weekly devBlogs at our home site for those interested in the development process and all related!

Let the best pilot in skies win! .. or the best stunt pilot? 

Air Stunts!
"little devEyesOnly stunt landing trick"

 - Antti @