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Dark fantasy romance, lots of dialog choices. · By Rolling Crown

ETA for chapter 4?

A topic by Sandpixie created Dec 18, 2017 Views: 810 Replies: 14
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feel like its been forever since it was announced D:


We are testing it now, it will be out around December 25th


a christmas prezzie!!! :D yaaaay

hey hey so regarding the ending of the chapter does raze react like that Every time or is it because I flirted with brash??


He does that thing in the end anyway, but he can say several different things depending on how much you "respected" him and so on :D

sweet! will redo and see the different ones

;0 honestly so tempted to give raze a smacked butt for throwing a tantrum

any news on chapter 5? i know 4 didn't come out all that long ago but i just get so excited XD


Still working on the text currently :)

awesome :D I wanna give raze such a hiding for his massive hissy fit ;0 been trying to get different results,do I just have to argue with him a little bit during the other chapters? Lol he's all you wanna be with me so now I must force you to be with me! Every time I'm like XD huh


Well, it's even worse if you argue with him. He may come to his senses in chapter 5 xD

XD that's what i thought! my mind immediately went to the exorcist


aaaahhhhh!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time for chapter 5 gaaahhh I'm hoping so much that things will come right with raze

Me too! I keep checking ever few days.


I'm trying to finish it all up by the 28th.
Raze, well... it depends. Muahahah! (ok, you know you will have choices)