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SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe

What happens when you mix SUPER HOT with Hotline Miami ? You get SUPERHOTline Miami ! · By Albatr

[CUSTOM LEVEL]custom level try 1

A topic by santa created Mar 02, 2016 Views: 3,095 Replies: 14
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Its just a first try, ill spend moe time asap ;)


Haha, that's a lot of enemies :)

have you made a custom level? I think I might be good if you tried.


I made one, it's available for download on the game's page, it's the "Level_8.tmx" file.

cool by the way love your game keep it working your amazing

i wanna know if I can add your game to a website im making

nice update.


And sorry for not replying to you earlier, I took the weekend off after working on this update for 12hours a day.

What do you mean by adding the game to your website ? You mean having download links ?

sorry that was my brother messing around apologies m sorry


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I know! its only a test, i hope to make more in the close future (and better of course). This one is called "The Reunion" by the way :p

Edit: I just realised the name of this topic doesnt follow the guidelines you gave, could you rename it ?


Nice name :)
About the guidelines, that's ok, I won't force anyone to follow them (and I always had a problem with authority lol) :p

Hello! I am from Russia and I really like this game , and I want more levels . Or add the ability to map editor , so that other players can make maps . It would be interesting , because level options would be very much.

Thank you! You're doing fine!


Hi ! There's a folder inside the downloadable versions of the game called Editor that contains all the tools and documentation you need to create levels.

The full documentation is also available here :

Thank u))

Great level!