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Hippocampal is a satiric contemplative game.

A topic by hippocampal created Dec 16, 2017 Views: 95 Replies: 4
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Hippocampal is a satiric contemplative game. 
- Satiric because we are mocking the hero, game characters, movies, comic books and video games we liked. And also the ones you like. Basically everything that tells you to be what you do not want to be.
- Contemplative because you just have to walk through this world to understand how it works.


Intriguing! Why not include a couple of those screenshots here, and a link to the game page?


I just published my game on your platform, but it does not appear in your search engine.

Can you check if there is anything wrong? The game first appeared online and then disappeared.

This is the link I got from you after registration of the game :

Thanks for you help,


Moderator (2 edits)

Because you've set a minimum price, your game will have to be reviewed by an admin before appearing in listings and searches. Presumably you did that after first publishing the game, which is why it was briefly visible.

Edit: this should take a day, maybe a day and a half. Hope this helps, and you're welcome!

ok :):)