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Beta Testers Wanted - Collectible Card Game with new card collecting mechanic

A topic by CrashDumpSoftware created Dec 16, 2017 Views: 140 Replies: 2
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I am trying to create a collectible card game with a new mecanic for card acquisition that is more friendly for casual gamers. You should be able to get a good deck rather quickly (if you make the right choices), but it should be hard to get a more versatile collection. There should be NO "continuous payment" - the common business model for CCGs.

The game is in a beta state. Working features:

  • Online play with automatic matchmaking
  • Online league with seasons
  • A strong AI for training
  • 4 playable races

I need help to:

  • Balance the races
  • Find new ideas for cards & races
  • Balance the cards for strategic depth
  • Find bugs

You can find the game here: D5869

Please install via

Many thanks!

Some more details:

There are two types of cards in the game:

  • Planets create resources and add special abilities.
  • Ships are for attack and defense. They can be placed in front of planets to protect the planet from attacks.

Pick one of four races with different abilities:

Humans (Image above - bottom):

  • Extra ship production
  • Extra firepower
  • Powerful AOE damage
  • Ship upgrades

Shokarr (Image above - top):

  • Cloaked ships & planets.
  • Cloaked ships can pass by defenders and directly attack planets
  • Have traps & decoys

Mazaz (Image below - top):

  • Recharging shilds on ships & planets
  • EMP to disable enemy ships before attacking
  • Shield upgrades for common ships

Krrkrk (Image below - bottom):

  • Growing insects swarms that get stronger over time
  • Hives that automatically create new swarms
  • Planets that defend themselves

You win the game by destroying the enemy home planet!

How you get new cards

To get new cards you have to research them. Therefore you need Science:


You gain science in two ways:

1. Win training matches vs the AI:

You gain more science when winning against higher AI levels.

2. Win matches in online play:

You gain 100 science for winning an online match. Additionaly you get a science bonus for playing fast.

You research new cards by spending science points:

Card prices vary based on the card type (there are two types: base & special) and how many instances of the card you already own.

Also all cards get more expensive the more you totaly own.

Due to this mechanc you will be able to quickly compose your dreamdeck. But modifying your deck or building a complete new deck gets harder over time!