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How do I stop echo on WebGL version of game?

A topic by BloodyPommelStudios created Dec 16, 2017 Views: 260 Replies: 4
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I tried uploading an WebGL version of my game but I got an annoying echo in the music like it was playing twice with a split second delay between each. Everything else works fine but I haven't had this issue on any of Itch's competitor sites.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so how was it solved?

Obviously I took the HTML version down because it would reflect poorly on my game but I can put it back up temporarily if you need to experience it for yourself.

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I've never heard of anyone experiencing anything like this. The file you upload is served from our servers without any changes. It sounds like maybe you game could be running twice. Are you using a game engine? Do tell us if you figure out anything.

@Leafo Yeah that would be my guess too but I don't know why this would be the case. I'm using Unity and a custom Index.html. Works absolutely fine everywhere else. The only thing I've changed between sites is the loading image.

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Well don't know what happened but I tried uploading again and everything is fine now. Maybe I needed to restart my browser for some bizarre reason. 

Edit: Reloaded the page and the problem was there again. I've made it unavailable again for now.

No idea

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