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Native mouselock for GameMaker

Constrains the mouse cursor to a rectangle at system level · By YellowAfterlife

A recent GM update breaks this for Ubuntu

A topic by calamitybaygames created Nov 06, 2021 Views: 334 Replies: 3
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Hello! This works perfectly when building for Windows. Very happy with it.

And this worked on Ubuntu using GM version However, updating to the next version (2.3.4.x) causes this to no longer work ( I updated to Visual Studio 2019 in the hopes that would fix it, but unfortunately it has not.

The specific error I receive in Ubuntu is: "error trying to load assets/display_mouse_lock.dll - assets/display_mouse_lock.dll: invalid ELF header"

I have a general understanding that the ELF header errors are indicating that the DLL was built for Windows. But, is this a bug in GM that was introduced in version 2.3.4.x? Or could the extension itself need an update to accommodate an Ubuntu build?

Any help is appreciated!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

This is a GameMaker bug - it now attempts to load incompatible binaries on Linux (including loading GML files as ELF in 2.3.5+!), subsequently hard crashing. There is a ticket filed for it that’s “in review”.

Ah, thanks so much for the reply! Do you have a link to that ticket so that I can monitor it?


Ticket ID is #190484 but the bug tracker is no longer public so I’m not sure what you can do with it.