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Back after an 18 year break from designing games: PowBall Renaissance

A topic by POW Games created Feb 29, 2016 Views: 248 Replies: 3
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Hi everyone. I've been out of the game designing scene for 18 years. As you can imagine, things have changed a LOT since then, so this has been a very difficult transition for me, but I finally remade an old breakout game I made in 1997. Take a look and see what you think:

18 Years!?!

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Yeah, 18 years. Crazy, huh? I was designing computer games as far back as 35 years ago.

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You must be really experienced I have not met someone this good! (And by that I meant that you may be good)

If I'm good or not remains to be seen. I lost a few brain-cells during my 18 year break, so let's see! One thing for sure is that I'm old!