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A topic by Ynor created Dec 12, 2017 Views: 219 Replies: 2
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TRANSCEND: Is an Indie game I have been working on alone for the last 3 years ( all the artwork, programming,  game design, level design, etc.). After what seemed like a never-ending journey, TRANSCEND is finally out and I can't wait to show the world!!

-Lots of Visuals and Refreshing Environments-
I spent a lot of time adding every little detail I could to the artwork. I wanted this game to feel entirely new and refreshing from beginning to end.

-Smart AI that adapts to your movements-
Instead of focusing on quantity, TRANSCEND focuses on quality by providing unique and adaptive AI that acts as a human player would (most of the time).

-Cool Worlds to Visit-
Different worlds, cultures, and time-lines for players to explore

Many possibilities (not all eras are implemented yet)

- Meet Interesting Characters-

Interesting and captivating characters for you to come across

And much more!

Out now!

Please help support this solo project  I've poured so much love and time into - Thank you!



Hey, did something happen to your game's cover image? It is supposed to be that face?

I changed it by mistake from my phone since I'm away on vacation. But I like it so far, it has helped with getting people to click the game