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Echoed World – Short but charming puzzle-platformer [Free]

A topic by Team DOTS created Dec 12, 2017 Views: 167 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone! 

Experience the journey of Algiz, the architect of life, as he seeks to retrieve his stolen power. But not only has his power been stolen. The whole world he designed is on a brink of destruction. Our hero can no longer create life, but he can still manipulate with what has been already created to traverse through a slowly dying world. 

This game was created as a student project and the majority of it was made during a single month of intensive development.

You can play the game here

We hope that you will enjoy this short, yet sweet adventure.

All the feedback we get on Echoed World will push our team even further!

Twitter | Presskit


Thanks for sharing your game. I've put it up on the homepage! (It might be a bit down in the page though since we're promoting a ton of sales right now)

Thank you leafo! :)