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Golden Hornet - Twin stick shooter with helicopters

A topic by hijong park created Dec 09, 2017 Views: 130
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Do you like helicopter games like choplifter or fort apocalypse ? I like them a lot, but I was disappointed that there are barely any remake / clone of choplifter or fort apicalypse, or even just a helicopter action game to enjoy today. So, i decided to make Golden Hornet, A game where you control a multi-role helicopter called 'Golden Hornet' to rescue hostages or destroy enemy positions.

In story wise this game is a prequel of my previous game Tujate, (defender clone without screen looping) where the second civil war was happening when Videl empire was a divided country.

There are Two game modes in This game :

1.Campaigh mode : a mode that plays similar to Fort apocalypse. you have to explore levels and rescue hosstages or destroy the targets. there are Total 7 Chapters and each chapter has 3 levels.

2.Arcade mode : A mix of defender and choplifter. in a completely opened area, you have to rescue as many hostages as possible and get the highest score. Like choplifter, enemies will keep generating, but they don't disappear until you kill them. so don't waste your time !