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Surreality, a surreal exploration/adventure game

A topic by Sergio9024 created Dec 09, 2017 Views: 221 Replies: 4
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Hello everyone, I just found out about this site yesterday, and I'm looking for feedback on the video game I'm currently working on.


Surreality is mainly a surreal exploration game. The objective is to find all the masks of power in an open world, solving puzzles, platforming and fighting enemies.

Here is a trailer I made some months ago:

Here is a more recent video, showing the battle and level systems:

You can check my youtube chanel for more videos of the game.


My objective with this game is combining a surreal aesthetic, (inspired mainly by surreal and metaphysical paintings) with mainstream game mechanics (combat, platforming, puzzle solving). Which is something I haven't seen done a lot in video games, most surreal video games focus mainly on the visuals and exploration, leaving aside game mechanics and interaction with the environment.

I also want this to be a fully surreal adventure, in the sense that the reality inside the game, is a surreal one, and not a logical/rational reality that uses a surrealist aesthetic: I don't want to say "this is the world inside the main character's head", "this is how he sees the world" or "he is in a comma and all of this is a dream", of course everyone is free to interpret the game, but I'm not creating a logic to explain the world I'm making in the video game.


I'm a digital artist, I don't know about coding, so everything I'm making is done with blueprints in ue4. This is the first game I'm hoping to publish, I've made some small levels and mechanics as exercises in ue4 before. Also English is not my native language, sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Finally, any feedback is appreciated. I want to know what people think about the look, the mechanics, the concept or anything else. Thanks :D

I uploaded a new video, the bear mask increases your speed and long jump.

I've been working on the enemies ai, now they strafe arround you instead of moving directly torwards you, unless you are not in close range, then they will follow you in a straight path. I also added an animation when using magic attacks, that are not magic attacks now, they are mental attacks, and an animation when falling from a long distance.

I uploaded a new video:  testing the red giant's attacks.

I uploaded a new video showing a new area I've been working on.