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Widget Embed not working with Wordpress?

A topic by Stardust created Dec 08, 2017 Views: 335 Replies: 2
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So I'm trying to get a link to my game to work on my wordpress portfolio and it works fine when I'm first editing the page, but the moment I hit publish the html gets deleted and the widget stops working. Help?


If your site is hosted on, it's possible they don't allow iframes in web pages.


Found this post while I was looking for help yesterday, thought I'd come back in case anyone else comes across it.

I had this problem too. I've got an up-to-date standard self-hosted WP and if my iframe src was '' then the contents of the iframe would disappear, I'd just get a border/empty box kind of effect.

A colleague suggested I looked at plugins, and I used the popular 'advanced iframe' from one - and that works great! 
How To Embed WordPress iFrame, with & without plugins
I just pasted in the code from the widget generator, and dumped it straight into a post in my WP blog, and it works. I've not tried playing the game 'in the widget' - I'm happy having the user see the widget banner and click to go through to my page on itself.