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A topic by KamiLucky created Dec 04, 2017 Views: 166 Replies: 3
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I love the fact that everyone is using unity to make games here. And the results are wonderful..But i was wondering is there someone who could help me get into the world of pygame.

Before you start talking trash about this wonderful tool i have been given, know that as of now i am not able to run unity or unreal in my laptop.So i am using sfml and pygame

and pygame is so much easier but..what your thoughts on this subject?


I used to use Pygame when I started out making games. I think it's a great tool. Unity is a different kind of tool though, it's a commercially support integrated development environment. I think that there are different cases for using both. If you want to get something together quick with little overhead then Pygame is a great choice. If you want to make a 3d game then Unity is going to come packaged with a lot of the code and functionality you'll want. Personally I don't use Unity (there are plentry of people here that don't), I use love for making 2d games.

Ok so How is love?. I'm really new to this, and when i ask a lot of people i get many reasons for why pygame is not the thing to do. 


I'm definitely a big fan, but I'm also biased since I use Lua almost everywhere (including the code base)