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Lo-Fi Room

Build lo-fi beats in this hidden object / rhythm game · By Bearmask

Feedback and Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Bearmask created Oct 09, 2021 Views: 732 Replies: 17
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Please leave any general feedback or suggestions you have on the game here :)


Good game, love playing it over and over, but when the game is finished with the 20+ levels, do we have to buy it? 


Hey, thank you :) Thanks for asking too.  It's difficult for me to say at this point about the full release. However right now you can sign up to be a playtester here and you should be able to try the playtest version when I next do an update for that. I'm hoping to do that in January, and that will have 15+ levels in it for you to try.

Hello. I have an idea for your game.

I think some of the background things in some of the levels could be used in some beats.  Such as when you click the cat in the third level it makes a purring noise. My idea is that the user could use those sounds from the background things to use in beatmaker. 

Besides that I think your game is great and I can't wait to see more


Hi thanks for your suggestion! :)

So logistics-wise that would be a bit too hard to setup. What you can do at the moment is: when recording to an mp3 (on the desktop version) you can click the room objects, this will add that sound to mp3 you're recording. It's not quite the same as what you suggested but it would be hard to set something else up.

Also if you're looking to see more of the game, please consider signing up as a playtester: here and when I next update that you should be able to try the new levels. (That will probably be in a couple of months)

It would be AMAZING- as in GREAT if there was a tutorial fo rmaking new beats. I can't figure out anything, and I feel like a tutorial would help with that. And I also just want to say that this is my favorite game i've played, so thank for creating it <333


Hi I'm glad you enjoyed the game~ Thank you for the suggestion! So actually that's something I've been thinking about a lot recently.
I tried making a tutorial for it recently, but it ended up being more confusing than helpful.
I'm planning to make some changes to the beatmaking UI and also adding a new tutorial, but I think that will take a month or two to do.

Thank you for your reply! I understand it's probably difficult, so no rush at all! Coding is hard, and so is drawing, writing, and every other form of art. 

And I really do want to say again that this is by far my favorite game! I'm excited for a full version to come out, whenever that will be ❤

I look up to you a lot, so I also want to say that you've inspired me a lot lately. 


Thanks, that's very kind of you to say~

The full version is honestly going to take a while before it comes out (probably 1 or 2 years), but I think I saw that you signed up to be a playtester, so I've just sent you an email about that. 

I randomly remembered this game a few years after i first played it, and i'm so happy to see that it's being turned into something greater!

I remember suggesting some sort of level in a coffee shop, since that seemed to fit the theme of the game to me, i wonder if it's still being added?

Either way, very happy to know this is still a thing, and good luck on development!


Hi glad to hear you came back to the game! Thanks for the encouragement! :)

If you want to see the latest version I'd recommend you signing up to be a playtester: here (If you haven't already)

I will most likely send out download links in a few months when I next update the playtest version (it will have over 20 levels included)

Unfortunately there isn't a coffee shop level planned, I have had the total ~30 levels planned out for a while now. I'm also planning to add support for custom user levels, so someone else could make a custom coffee shop themed level, or I might make a coffee shop themed level as an example of that system. I'm still in the early phases of planning that system out though so I'm not sure whether that makes sense to do yet~

Anyway thanks again~ :)

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The random beat feature is cool, but in the full release can you make a way to have another board that allows you to save/display them like the main board?


Thanks for the suggestion! I'll consider it, but it might be difficult to implement. I wanted to check first: 

Why do you want to save random beats? Are you deleting the random patterns and creating your own beat with the randomly selected notes? Or do you want to save randomly generated beats without changing them?

kinda both, some of the random instrument combinations sound cool together, and it would be fun to try to make a song with a goofy combination and then post it

Hi! I loved the game, it's creative, innovative, cozy and cute. I suggest alternative options to the qwer keys.. sometimes it's difficult to keep 4 fingers in such a small space.. Something like left shift plus right shift. Despite this, the game is excellent! Congratulations!


Hi thanks for the feedback! :)

There is actually an option to change the key bindings in the settings menu, however the settings menu button is only on the menu screen in this version, which makes it pretty easy to miss and inconvenient to use.

The in-development version has the settings menu on every screen so it's easier to both spot and access. Unfortunately I think it's still going to take me a while before I update this build again, but it will happen at some point~


Oh, OK! I missed it! However, the game is awesome! thanks for responding


Thanks! No problem, like I say it's very easy to miss in this version! Thanks for bringing it up~