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Really great jumpscare face at the end! It had nice buildup, and really freaked me out.

Absoulutley wonderful game! Congrats again on top 20.

Really creative idea for a snake game! I absoulutley love it!

Thanks lol.

This is a wonderful tower defense game. It shows the perfect balance between rewarding and difficult waves, whilst also giving many different options for towers and strategy. It would be nice to have an "autoplay" feature for the waves. 9/10

Right when phone guy said "they tend to get more active as the week progresses" i got jumpscared by bonnie lol. great remake my dude, can't wait to see fnaf 2 NES.

ah yes indeed my friend. this virtual experience does infact include the magical liquid secreted by humans known as "cum"

Lovely story about the balance between nature and human needs. 10/10

thats bombastic my dude

This is really useful, thanks!

Was able to get a Big Bones to 25 attack during the kind fight. I had a Milkman in front to help with boosting early attack, and had a Healer & Pigman in the back just in case. I also put the Maid structure in front of it so the hp stacked over time. 

I noticed that too yeah.

Small thing I just found, if you have a paladin and a ghost on the board, the paladin will absorb the base damage from the ghost, but the ghost will still be alive and do the damage, basically making infinite base damage for the paladin. I love this game so much lol.

I love your game so much! Its so much fun when you see a new character appear on the battlefield from your favorite newgrounds shows lol (I litterally gasped when i saw salad fingers lol). I do have a question though, when you add ENA, how will you show her different emotions? And if so, will you use aspects from Dream BBQ?

I found a bug in the game, it's giving me the "Internal Affairs Officers" affect even after i've started a new game. It seems it did it when I closed out intentionally? Idk. I love your game by the way! 

Still good to this day. I only ever beat the final boss by getting a perfect stop lol.

really cool game and wonderful idea. would be cool to expand on, maybe have an online mode or story mode. awesome game man, you always make good stuff

question, where can i find the soundtrack at?

I thought them looking at each other was funny lol

bro, imagine this, but in vr. that would be sick

I think it's really good! I would love to see more. 9/10 (seriously though good job, this is like BTD level fun.)

Nice! I see you took found the fish sword.

Sorry about before. I figured it out (I can be pretty stupid sometimes). I love your work so much!!!1!11!!

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Where is the place to hide actually i can't find it

Omg im so dumb sorry for asking just found it.

Very nice but short game but i have to take points off for flossing. 4/5

Hello. I have an idea for your game.

I think some of the background things in some of the levels could be used in some beats.  Such as when you click the cat in the third level it makes a purring noise. My idea is that the user could use those sounds from the background things to use in beatmaker. 

Besides that I think your game is great and I can't wait to see more

Love this so much! PLEASE ADD MORE!!!

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RIP rocky. Your sacrifice will be remembered

Similar to pokemon in a way. ps continue this.


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Changed my life forever 99999999999/10

Pretty fun. 7/10

Very good game.

I'm just waiting for that one mole guy with the card matching game to say "Trust in the heart of the cards!" Yu-Gi-Oh style (:

Just thought of a good strategy. I saw this ring called Pacifists ring in the shop. It gives you 1 energy but gets destroyed when you use a weapon. So I wonder, could you use it in combination with Brass Knuckles or Spiked Shield to get free a energy. 

Omg thats so op. Thank you for telling me! I'll have to use it in my next run. Thank you so much!

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Something that helps also helps with the grappling hooks are cards like shadow force and fire.

It makes so if two are more enemies that are next to each other,  every enemy behind the one you hit takes 1 damage. It can be useful in certain situations.