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Fade shows black boxes on Unity 2017.1

A topic by felinearts created Dec 02, 2017 Views: 406 Replies: 9
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Hello, I got Super Text Mesh Pro some time ago and im finally trying it, gotta say its AWESOME however i have a problem.

Im using the UI component and notice how the draw animation show little boxes, i have been playing with the values but i cant find out how to fix this. here is an example, im using the UI outline shader.

sorry for my poor english.


as an update, those boxes do not show in the unity editor and i already tried disabling all the post processing filters

in this case, both, color and outline have 0 alpha, this is the game view, editor view is fine for some reason, this is an empty new scene.

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1 am update, it is fixed if I use screen space - camera but that solution does not works for me in this specific case.


Hey - I'll give this a look tomorrow, but I have a few guesses in the meantime. My outline shader could be screwing up in a few different ways - either the outlines aren't rendering right with alpha, or it could be casting shadows it's not supposed to? Not sure what would be receiving the shadows, maybe something I'm overlooking with worldspace canvases?

I'll test it out tomorrow and get back with a solution ASAP! That title text is looking great btw, and this is really good info for me to use, thanks!

ty ty! i love the plugin, you did an amazing job there!

for the shadows, i tough on that too and its not the case. i want to think its some kind of mip mapping as the canvas is always huge.

btw this also happens with the standar UI shader in the canvas but is less noticeable.



Giving it a shot today, and I'm actually having trouble getting this to happen.

Could you tell me what version of unity you're using, and give me a screenshot of both your parent canvas's inspector and your text object's inspector? If possible, link me to the font you're using, too!

sorry i didnt saw the part where you asked for the font, my bad!! the font is i searched yesterday for the bug, i know a bit of shaders and there is nothing technically wrong, im almost sure it is something with mip mapping as the standar canvas is always huge, the shader works great in camera space but since i have like 10 dfferent canvases i would need to change a lot of things. i can do that as a last resource, love the plugin! <3


Ah okay, I'll try playing with differently sized canvases and see if that makes it happen. I'll also play around with enabling/disabling mipmapping on text.