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Will there be boats?

A topic by SKUNKSTUFF22 created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 10
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I have recently embarked onto what appeared to be a promising area. Fertile land, abundant trees... a good starting area. One of the main attractions had been "no nearby enemies", helpful if I moved the save over for the conquest update. Eventually, while scouting for a future base, I realised I was on an island. Alone. All deep water. I was pretty bummed at how that would effect my playing this save for the conquest update, and want to check in. Are there plans for shipyards or bridges (and I mean long bridges) to get off islands?

On a side note, my ability to move settlers into a new site to get the population up is kind of buggy. It only works about 10% of the time, mostly they just disappear.

I have the same bug with settlers disappearing. It does not happen for me if I first move (M) the settlers into the region I want to settle, and then settle (S).



Boats are scheduled for the update after the next (Conquest Update comes out today, Morale Update probably in January, then Boat Update). Bridges will be coming in the Morale Update, but those will be restricted to settlements for now. You'll be able to use them to cross rivers, but not oceans. I'll see  about tweaking the "small landmass detector" when picking start locations to give a better warning about islands.

For the disappearing settlers, when you order a settler to settle in a region that already has a settlement they should vanish and join the settlement as 1 population. Are you not getting the population increase in the settlement?

They weren't showing up before, but I think Lawrencalot was right. looking forward to bridges, by the way.

Also, are we going to be able to play as Masklings at some point?


It's possible to play as masklings with a very small tweak to the data files. TestMod actually does this, so you can enable it if you want to try them out.

Maskling's aren't playable by default, however, because they're pretty boring right now. They don't have any resources to worry about, or anything to trade.

I tried that out. Fun, but difficult. I now have a greater appreciation for walls. I've been trying to mod in a new barracks (stables) and a new unit (cavalry). Got the files and pictures sorted out, but it won't let me import them into the compressed Base File folder. Will it work if I put them into an unzipped file called base mod?

I'm assuming mushroom people will have a tech level between Masklings and Humans.


You shouldn't modify BaseMod. Instead there is a folder called mods. You can zip up the files and put them in there, along with a manifest file. There are two mods distributed  with Bronze Age that you can use as examples. You can also distribute the mod  zip file. I'd be interested in seeing it myself.

There is documentation on mod support on the wiki.

Thanks. I was putting it straight into BaseMod, but I'll get it into mod form and post it somewhere.


If you put it straight into base mod, then the changes will likely be wiped out with new releases.